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Fairy of Coffee by ChudnayaMamba
One sunset at Aspra by ChudnayaMamba
Strawberries and cream by ChudnayaMamba
Winter Fairy-tale by AirElephant
Bug, Spider, and Crustacean Photography
Mosquito by Inkcess
landscape by Araniart
Halloween werewolf by spdmngtruper
Death wolf by spdmngtruper
Reptile And Amphibian Photography
Allosaurus by Lynx-Catgirl
Gekkonidae by Lynx-Catgirl
Frogs' spring by Lynx-Catgirl
Little river hunter by Lynx-Catgirl
Bird Photography
Owl by NesSelene
You're sure this is where you dropped it dear? by cricketumpire
Just for me ! by Arayashikinoshaka
flamingo in grass by Arayashikinoshaka
Mammal Photography
Meoww ! by Arayashikinoshaka
Malicious soul behind angel face 3:) by Gipsik
Where are you? by Gipsik
Peace and love by Arayashikinoshaka
Fish Photography
Scalare pair again by Lynx-Catgirl
Scalare white by Lynx-Catgirl
Scalare pair by Lynx-Catgirl
Laetacara araguaiae by Musyupick
Plant Photography
Pale Yellow by Inkcess
Little bell from May by Arayashikinoshaka
Sweet gift by Arayashikinoshaka
Missing you friend by Lust0fADeeperPain
Sky or Atmosphere Photography
Moon in infra red with newton 200/1224 by Arayashikinoshaka
Jupiter and Ganymede 28/04/2016 by Arayashikinoshaka
ngc7000 : North America nebula by Arayashikinoshaka
Sky movement by Arayashikinoshaka
Ice And Cold Related Photography
Let It Snow by Lust0fADeeperPain
Snowy Pine by Lust0fADeeperPain
Frozen Snowflake by Arayashikinoshaka
Snowy highlands by Lynx-Catgirl
Water Related Photography
World of silence by Arayashikinoshaka
The space in between 2 by PerseoeAndromeda
The flood by Arayashikinoshaka
Seclusion by WindsweptSpirit
Landscape Photography
Japanese garden II by Arayashikinoshaka
Other Photography
Snails friends by Arayashikinoshaka
Reptile And Amphibian Art
earthen toad by kosharik69
Bug, Spider, And Crustacean Art
Magician with a Familiar and a Fairy by Lynx-Catgirl
Bird Art
Peacocks on a yellow sakura branch by Musyupick
Mammal Art
Puma by LMCFA
Fish Art
Swardtail by Musyupick
Plant Art
cosmic by kosharik69
Sky or Atmosphere Art
Jupiter and his little meteor by Emi-Gemini
Ice And Cold Related Art
Winter's Delight by Lust0fADeeperPain
Landscape Art
Autumn time by Emi-Gemini
Water Related Art
Cave by kosharik69
Fantasy Creatures
Archeage costume concept II (male) by Lynx-Catgirl
Fantasy Races
Pallant by Lynx-Catgirl
Other Art
blue butterfly by kosharik69
Feedback Wanted
Inner world by CamaroLp




Please read the following before you join the group and/or submit your works

We're a group dedicated to Nature and Fantasy. We accept both artwork and photography pieces.

:bulletgreen: WE ACCEPT :bulletgreen:

1. Digital Art
2. Traditional Art
3. Mixed Media
4. Photography
5. Photo Manipulation
6. Pixelated
7. Any type of animal.
8. Fantasy creatures and races.
9. Any type of nature piece.

:bulletred: WE DON'T ACCEPT :bulletred:

1. Anything that isn't Nature or Fantasy related. It's the Nature and Fantazy group, after all. ^^
2. WIP (Works In Progress). Finished pieces, please.
3. Offensive Art (Racism, Discrimination, Picking on Minorities, etc.)
4. Copying or tracing of other peoples' works. Only your original pieces, please.
5. Excessive gore. It is fine if there is blood in your pieces of art, just not a ridiculous amount. If you're unsure about submitting a piece, please let us know in a comment on the main page linking us to your piece and we'll confirm whether or not it's appropriate. Thanks!
6. Excessive nudity. Nudity is also fine to a point. But if your piece of photography or art has 5 penises in it, and there's a girl in the middle, and her butt is sticking out...well, you get my point. Once again, if you're unsure about a piece, please comment on the main page linking us to the piece in question and we'll get back to you.
9. Fan Art. Sorry, but we just want original works, please.

:star: GENERAL RULES :star:

Submissions per day: I think 4 is a safe amount for people to submit. This could be subject to change as the group grows and changes. Founder, Co-Founders, and Contributors are allowed to submit more at our own discretion.

1. First and foremost, please be kind and courteous to everyone in the group. If we find that you've been rude to someone without a good reason, we'll permanently ban you from the group. This includes flaming, discrimination, racism, rude comments, degradation of a person's artwork, etc.

2. This goes hand in hand with the first rule. If you notice or see anyone treating you or someone else rudely, please notify the Founder or Co-Founders, please.

3. The Founders, Co-founders, and Contributors will hand pick which deviations go into the featured area. Please do not try submitting your deviation to this area.

8. There are quality standards for this group. The piece needs to look like some time was taken to make it. Art needs to be fully finished and it should be apparent that care was taken to make it. Photography should have good composition and not be too grainy/washed out/ etc. Pieces should be cropped nicely and not look blurry when you submit them. Pieces will be looked over and accepted/rejected by the Founder, Co-Founders, and Contributors.

:star:Special Folder:star:
This pertains to the above rule: There is a special folder in the gallery called "Feedback Wanted". Anyone in the group can submit to this folder freely. If you're unsatisfied with a piece and want feedback on it, then post your piece here. This is also meant for deviations that have been rejected from the group. If you're wondering why the piece wasn't accepted, post it here.

If you decide to post in this folder, the Founder, Co-Founders, and Contributors will try our best to give you feedback ourselves. Remember that the feedback will be constructive, so please don't feel bad if we don't say the piece is perfect. Constructive advice is the point of this folder. :)

:star:Other Folders:star:
There are descriptions on the side of each of the folders when you click on them. They give a basic list of animals/plants/creatures that you can post in that particular folder. If the animal/plant/creature that you have drawn or taken a photo of is not in the description, please google it to make sure. If google doesn't give you any results, please ask the Founder, Co-Founders, or Contributors. :)

Also: Any hand made items should go into the category of artwork! ^^

When you press the 'Join Our Group' button, please make sure to copy and paste 'I have read the rules and submission policies' into the comments area. That way we'll know whether you've read these or not. ;) If it's not in the comments area, then we'll ask you to read the rules and re-join the group. Thank you!
I would like to welcome all new members and watchers to the group! :)  We've gotten almost everything set up and working.  

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please post them in this journal! ^_^
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Arayashikinoshaka Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
My submissions are expired. Someone here ?
Lynx-Catgirl Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, I am.
I'm sorry for that - reallity sometimes doesn't want to get rid of me:)
Emi-Gemini Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Submissions expired. Someone ?
kosharik69 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
Рыся - я свлю лягушенцию и так предложила в галерею, ты зачем её отдельно запросила?
Lynx-Catgirl Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Ой, не знаю))) Я просто почему-то только сейчас залезла в мессаги группы))) Извини))))))))
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:).....это я опять подумала, что не на ту кнопку тисканула:)))))))))))))
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У меня бывает, я сперва смотрю дев-вотч, а уже потом групповые мессаги))))
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Привет! Во даешь... :))) За тобой не угонишься! :)))
Lynx-Catgirl Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Привет) Плин, ну ты даешь) Группа не полностью моя, мы вместе с одной девушкой создали) English-only, please)
Please, reread the Rules and resubmit again)
Пожалуйста, перечитай правила, там есть условие приема) Подсказка: последний абзац)
ChudnayaMamba Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012
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